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Why Emerge BJJ Women's Self Defense?

*This post is not legal advice. For legal advice consult an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your local area.*


by Coach Jason

Importance of Self-Defense.

In an assault, you’ll experience fear and panic, along with a natural adrenaline rush. Despite the superhuman effects adrenaline can produce — we’ve all heard stories about the grandmother who lifted a car off her trapped grandchild — it doesn’t always work in your favor. You may experience tunnel vision, auditory exclusion and loss of fine motor skills. Consequently, it will be hard to see and hear, and complex techniques may be impossible to perform. If you stick with proven strategies and simple gross-motor-movement techniques your chance of surviving will increase drastically.


What is Self-Defense?

Self-defense means de-escalation of a potential threat of violence using various strategies to keep yourself safe from physical, emotional and psychological harm.  Self-defense is not only a response but proactive as well.  Good self-defense is learning how to defend from an attack but great self-defense is being able to recognize potential threats and responding before an attack occurs. Learning to recognize and avoid a potential attack is just as important as learning how to defeat an attack.  Trust your instincts


What does the law say?

ORS 161.209 Use of psychical force in defense of a person: A person is justified in using physical force upon another person for self-defense or to defend a third person from what the person responsibly believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force, and the person may use a degree of force which the person reasonably believes to be necessary for the purpose. 

Washington State RCW 9A.16.020 Use of force when lawful: (3) Whenever used by a party about to be injured, or by another lawfully aiding him or her, in preventing or attempting to prevent an offense against his or her person, or a malicious trespass, or other malicious interference with real or personal property lawfully in his or her possession, in case the force is not more than is necessary;

*** It is important to understand that you as private citizens have the power and authority to protect yourself and others if the need arises.  All 50 states have similar self-defense laws.  Reasonable and necessary to stop the threat/attack.


Getting to a state of mind for self-defense.

Setting and Enforcing Boundaries is key to get in a proper state of mind for self-defense.  There are 3 ways to set and enforce boundaries, Verbally, Physically and Psychologically.  

Verbal – Be loud to draw attention, use words or phrases; Stop! Leave me alone! I don’t know you. Why are you staring at me?.

Physical – Head up, strong and confident posture, strong self-defense stance.

Psychological - Intention assessment; until boundaries are set, intentions are unknown. Once intentions are known, prepare for action.


4 A’s of Safety

Attitude:  Eye Contact, Watchful of surrounding, Strong body language


Avoidance: Identify everyday situations to avoid a problem: developing at work, home, vehicles or areas you frequent.

Action: Protecting yourself – martial arts, self-defense classes, pepper spray, vehicle keys, side arm etc.


What this class will do for you.

Joining the Emerge Women’s self-defense class will help build your self-confidence, help you conquer your fears of being involved in a situation, get you in a proper state of mind to defend yourself and the awareness to defend yourself and the ones you love.


*This post is not legal advice. For legal advice consult an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your local area.*

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