Emerge Jiu Jitsu Reviews

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Warren L.

I have to agree with the other five star ratings. Don and his whole family are people of Integrity, people of excellent character, who have the amazing ability to show very real care and concern for others over and above themselves. Rarely am I able to recommend martial arts gyms or dojo, but I have no hesitation recommending Emerge.

Warren L.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Rose C.

The class was great and the instructors/coaches were very patient, kind, and super informative! We've known Don Cooper and his family for years and he is one of the very few men that I would completely trust my girl's with.

I'm so impressed with what I've seen that I'm signing our whole family up! What a great way to learn self-defense, discipline, and to condition and tone our bodies! Oh, and they are Christian, praying before and after class!

Rose C.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Nick K.

I am so pleased with our experience at Emerge Jiu-Jitsu. Don and his family are inspiring and have taught our son the importance of discipline, health, faith, and hard work. Respect came easy for him as they give and earn it freely here. So incredibly blessed with a martial arts gym here in Vancouver, WA full of integrity and fun

Nick K.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Bob B.

My 12-year-old son absolutely LOVES learning Jiu Jitsu at Emerge!! Instructor Don is phenomenal. Physical activity isn't my boy's favorite thing in the world, so it is wonderful to see him work on moves he learned in class at home. The parent area is comfortably set up and I have enjoyed getting some work done on the laptop while he's in class, so it's a win-win for both of us!

Bob B.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Jeremiah R.

Faith, Family & Jiu-Jitsu. Great place to train. Don and Matthew are great instructors that care so much. Great atmosphere, with tons of respect. Thank you Emerge for being so welcoming to visitors like myself. I hope to continue visiting your academy when I come to town.

Jeremiah R.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Crystal C.

I just started classes at Emerge and am loving the family-friendly environment. I can't wait until the next class and what I will learn from both Coach Don and Matthew in the many months to come! As a woman and being new to this, I felt intimidated at first but was quickly put at ease by the not too overwhelming way in which both Coach Don and Matthew lead the class. Thank you Emerge BJJ!

Crystal C.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Catherine H.

What a rare find! I've been to several jiu-jitsu gyms, but what the Coopers have created here is truly unique and special. Thanks for being here and being who you are!

Catherine H.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Wendy B.

This program is excellent!!! The instructors work hard to meet to students where they are at as they teach and guide along the way. Truly a top-notch program!

Wendy B.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Heather Q.

Excellent workout, clean facilities, excellent teaching, and encouraging instructors and participants! As an aside, I also really appreciate that when music is used it is not too loud.

Heather Q.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Danny E.

Very excited for the opening of Emerge! Really wanted to speak about the character of the owner. Don is a very thoughtful, patient, and dedicated person. I would not trust very many people with my children but I would be very confident enrolling them to learn from Don and his family. Really looking forward to the first lessons in the new gym.

Danny E.

Emerge Jiu Jitsu Jubilee L.

Great place! Good workout for my son, professional, respectful, quick response time when trying to get questions answered. Very competitive pricing! Love the family feel of it.

Jubilee L.

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