Circuit Workout For Conditioning

Controlled movements that strengthen the muscles required for jiu jitsu and every day life are important to do even when you feel sore.  Increasing blood flow to muscle groups will speed up recovery and healing.  Sometimes we need to rest muscles but that doesn't necessarily mean not moving them at all. Live rolling in jiu jitsu may not be the answer because that often contains uncontrolled power-based movements.  As much as we want to avoid that kind of movement, it is often the nature of live rolling.  So on most days I like to keep moving but in a controlled way and pick the exercises that I know will wake up the needed muscle groups, provide balance in the body by stretching or strengthening those muscles that might need extra attention and move to generate growth hormone which helps in healing. If you have maybe 10 exercises you like, put them together into a three minute rounds session and you have a good 30 minute workout with some rests in between.  Here is one idea I did the other day. - Coach Don

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